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Let’s be honest, we all take some kind of supplement to add to our workout. I’m not saying that we all inject ourselves with HGH or anything of that nature but who doesn’t add some kind of supplement whether it is natural or artificially made to our workout regime? We all have our favorites as well; those supplements that we think make a massive difference to how long we can work out for and stay in the gym to those that help to build muscle after the fact; some work, some don’t but the fact is that we take them. So, let me introduce to you my new supplement of choice: Shroom Tech Sport.

I’ve been taking supplements to add to my gym and exercise experience for years and, admittedly, some products can be very hit and miss. For example, the ones loaded with caffeine and creatine can often lead to a grim comedown even if they do help me workout for longer; however I have found that Shroom Tech Sport is a bit different in this regard. The main ingredient is something called Cordyceps Sinensis which increases the oxygen flow to your muscles and it also comes with Cordyceps Super, Rhodiola, and Astragalus which, when combined, allow you to have a better and more efficient workout. The product also comes with an extract of green tea and, everyone’s favorite, Ginseng although this time of the Siberian variety. These help you to remain focuses during your workout and also keep your energy and stamina levels topped up. In terms of your blood sugar which, as we all know, is mightily important when it comes to both energy and stamina and also building muscle, the supplement comes loaded with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium, and Magnesium. While these are perhaps side ingredients and only add to the fundamental ones that I have listed above they do help by keeping your blood sugar at a stable but high level.

This is all very well and good theoretically but how does the product actually work and feel in reality?

I feel that there is also going to be a placebo effect when it comes to taking any new supplement or, indeed, anything new. Your brain thinks that this new product should work so it tricks itself into thinking that it does; that isn’t to say that it won’t but the fact is that the first few days of a new product should be treated with caution because your brain and your body need to get out of the placebo effect and back into reality. However, my first few times using this product and then working out were great. I did notice that I was able to do longer reps and I did not break into a sweat until well after my treadmill warm up. Again, placebo effect perhaps but there was a noticeable difference in the time it took me to feel ‘anything’ from my warm up and subsequent workout. So, if this was just two days on the supplement and this could very well be put down to a placebo or my mind playing tricks, how does the product actually stand up in terms of longevity.

I have now been using Shroom Tech Sport for just over a month now and the effects are still there. I’ve noticed that over the last month or so of using this product that my workout and regime has been changed in various ways. One is that I can lift more than I used to; not a massive amount it has to be said but I find that I am lifting 10lbs more than usual and still doing the same if not more reps and this surely has to be done to the supplement. My breathing is another major difference. Again, this could be all in the mind, but I feel as if I am able to breathe easier when working out; my lungs seem bigger which obviously they aren’t but that is the feeling that I get anyway and this allows me to do more reps and not get as tired as quickly as I usually would.

However, we cannot just measure the effects of a supplement on gym time alone and the recovery process is just as important. Without a proper after gym routine and recovery then the whole act of working out is diminished. Well, recovery wise I felt that I was able to get back to the gym quicker than I normally would and the next day I was always raring to go as it were. Even the tiredness that I feel after a prolonged session seemed to be shorter too and my, admittedly, aches and pains that are usually associated with gym time did not seem to last as long. They were still there – no pain, no gain and all that – but they didn’t seem to intrude as much. Furthermore, the comedown effects that I sometimes got from many caffeine based products wasn’t there either which is a major advantage that this product has.

So, what do I think about Shroom Tech Sport? Personally I think it is pretty awesome. It isn’t exactly the most well known of supplements out there but it is gaining a following and not just amongst me and my friends but there many forum topics about where the supplement is being used and discussed. Like I said, disregard the first couple of days in terms of your added performance as this could very well just be your brain trying to convince you that this new supplement is the best thing around etc… however if the effects are still there after a few weeks or, in my case over a month, then the chances are that the supplement is actually doing what it professes to do. The only real way to find out how good (or bad) this product is for you is to try it yourself but it has certainly helped me with my workout and my subsequent gym recovery time.

serge souprayen
serge souprayen
Weightlifting is my passion, training 3 times a week and use supplements on a regular basis. Fawaks is my personal blog, writing about my passion and help you save on fitness and bodybuilding supplements by posting coupons and deals. Serge Souprayen


  1. Fabien says:

    Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Try this templete:1. Pick ANY 6 ab erxceises. (Try selecting the ones that will work your TOTAL core.)2. Preform each exercise for either 30 sec. OR around 25 reps.3. Rest 15 sec in between each exercise.4. Repeat that cycle 2 to 3 times.5. Rest 2 to 3 min in between each cycle.Don’t let your ab workout exceed 20 30 min. Do this workout 3 to 4 times per week. Remember that abs are all about low body fat and building core strength.

  2. That’s really thinking at an impressive level

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