How Do Prisoners Look So Muscular And Strong ?

The diet in prison is very regular, like clockwork

How do prisoners get so jacked while in prison, you wonder? The diet in prison is not too optimal for the prisoner to build muscle as there usually is no protein shakes and the like available. First off, prisoners do not eat slow proteins before bed, nor do they eat fast proteins before bed and even no proteins every three hours like a non-prisoner may. This proves that diet is not quite as important as others may have you believe.  There are cases existing that prisoners get as few as two meals a day. So, you just think how that defies conventional wisdom.
prisoners muscular

One of the things that happen is that the body in prison has a timed flow of nutrients to the body at set hours. Prison schedules are rigidly set, so mealtimes are very regular. Therefore, the body gets to know when an intake of nutrients is going to happen.

To round out their diet in prison, they will buy things, such as tuna and other proteins that are available from the commissary. They stock up on this when available to help add any available protein to add more to a low protein diet that they already get from the meals already provided to them. This may not be the highest dependable way to secure many proteins as there could be the protein item on the cart one time, and next time, no protein on the commissary cart.

Alternately, they may have people on the outside to send in sealed products, like tuna and other proteins to help round out their protein need to the best of their abilities. If they have people who will help them from the outside, they would ask them to get approval from the administration as to what products are approved to come into the prison for them, such as canned products that cannot be opened until time of consumption of product in question.

They only get a few hours per exercise session

Often they will do pushups in places, such as their cell, or solitary confinement with 2 guys on their back to have a weighted pushup session. This is where 2 guys rest on the third persons back when this third person is doing the pushups in a cell or confinement when there is no exercise yard available to them. The inmates sometimes get together in cells and use their own body weight in some cell based exercises. There are several exercises utilized by the inmates to become jacked.

You would think that prisoners had higher stress

That is not the case, because they have no everyday problems like bills to pay and children to keep food on the table for and a wife to worry about. They just have to worry about their own safety in prison and the routine becomes very regular to them. They get into a routine that reduces stresses to them and then they are able to concentrate regularly to building muscle mass, rather than to concentrate on a job and bills like a non-prisoner would.

Prisoners have virtually unlimited amounts of time to occupy themselves with exercise. When you enter prison, you would be much smaller, but, if you are in the joint for 25 or so years, by then you will have become jacked like many of the long term inmates. They learn from each other how to do exercises in a small cell. What you would do is ask other inmates for instructions, if you cannot watch an example somewhere, about exercise routines inmates do when in their cell.

Sleep is regular in prison

Sleep is a regular thing in prison as prisons have hours to be in bed every day, just like clockwork. This was explained earlier in the diet subheading. Prisons do have hours set for every moment of the day. You also have to be out of bed at a certain time in the morning, so this promotes a regular sleeping schedule.

In some prisons, there are weightlifting yards

There are weightlifting gyms in prison, so when prisoners have an opportunity, they go there to lift weights. This is helpful on top of the exercises that they do in their cells and the yard when they are not in the gym lifting weights. They progress over a period of years to become very jacked as they are there in the slammer for years, quite often, and have many hours to dedicate to exercising and weightlifting.
Prison exercise in the yard
Solitaire, a seemingly humorous way to do pushups

Prisoners do this little game before they do pushups, much like what I had mentioned before, or variation, thereof. What happens before they begin to do pushups is to get a receptacle and a deck of cards, No; they don’t actually pay the cards per se. They will try to throw in a card. If it lands face up with a number on it, then they will do the pushups according to the number present on the card that has landed face-up in a receptacle, such as wastebasket.


If you are in prison on a drug charge, you would be more likely to take steroids, more than any regular non-prisoner would. Prisons have drugs there a lot of the time, because people smuggle drugs into prison at times and it gets out. Inmates will take steroids to help get jacked. Steroids are thought to build muscle so the inmate can take them while they exercise and get jacked.

Prison is a regular routine, promoting regularity in schedule

Prison is a regular routine every day. Inmates get up at a set hour each day, get into a shower and then breakfast, or variation of this, and then there are times that they are in their cells. The inmates take advantage of this routine to workout, either in the yard, their cell, or solitary confinement; where ever the inmate may be. The meals are very regular as well, so the body, as aforementioned, knows when an intake of any nutrition is due. A locked regularity of schedule promotes the body to utilize whatever it can obtain, be it nutrition or sleep, to utilize it in any way possible. Prisoners take advantage of this schedule, as they have no outside influences on their time, outside of exercise yard and mealtimes, to invest their time on other things like bills and jobs.

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serge souprayen
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  1. Stephen says:

    It was all good reading till you mentioned steroids. Hell, why didn’t you add the genetics excuse while you were at it?

    The truth is: convicts do as many as up to 2000 reps of any exercise a day. That volume alone on a weekly basis or even a 4 day a week basis would put mass on even the skinniest endormorph alive. They also do not care about range of motion on their exercises which also contribute (in contrary to popular belief) to their quick size gain and long term joint health.

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