Genetics Tech 100% Whey Gen Review

Good aspects:
• 24g/ scoop
• Chocolate/strawberry/vanilla cream
• WPI+ micellar casein
• Hydrolyzed whey
• Glutamine
• Digestive enzymes

Genetics tech is not very known company in the sports supplements. A
month back I was searching for a blend protein as am on gaining phase.
The similar products I tried in the past are Myofusion, BSN syntha-6
etc. Initially, I thought of purchasing whey protein and casein
separately and using a scoop of each of them when taking protein
shakes and whey concentrate can be used just after the workout without
casein for faster absorption.

I have done this in the past and the
results were better than using a blend from the renowned companies.
But this time I had limited funds on account of new year and I browsed
through the sites and finally landing up on Amazon’s page promoting
Genetics tech 100% whey gen. There are 24 grams of protein in the
serving and 75 servings per 5 lbs tub which is a pretty good count.
Total of 1800 grams of protein for $54 (I used a 10% off coupon) and
got free shipping as well at the time of New Year.

I bought chocolate cream flavor and have used it for almost 3 weeks
and I am satisfied with the gains. I have gained 3 pounds which is
quite good for a person with ecto-mesomorphic constitution. I would
like to put all aspects of the protein one by one here.

Taste and texture – this protein could had a better taste, it’s not
bad but not excellent either. The texture is of course coarser than
the other whey proteins because of casein. Yes, Myofusion and syntha 6
tastes better and if taste matters a lot for you, go for a smaller tub
of 100% whey gen.

Mixability – The protein mixes well in water, there are lesser clumps
in water than milk. I took it in milk most of the time and there were
clumps floating on the top of the shaker. The mixability is average
and here they have a room for improvement.

Digestibility- I had a little trouble when using this protein in terms
of digestion. It isn’t too much of bloating but still I felt increase
in flatulence while I was using 100% whey gen. They have added
digestion enzymes to improve digestion and I guess the bloating is due
to the micellar casein which takes more time to digest and as I used
it in milk, this can be add to the trouble.

Effectiveness- I gained 3 pounds of muscle when using this blend. The
product is low carb and an efficient blend of cross flow filtered whey
protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey peptides to aid fast absorption on
one side and micellar casein which is best form of casein for slow
absorption and sustained supply of amino acids to the muscles. The
number of servings / container are higher any other whey protein blend
in the market so this products leads when it comes to economy and
price per serving. The effectiveness is great and I will buy it again
for the same reason.

I wish to score this product on the basis of the aspects written above:
• Overall – 7.5/10
• Taste- 7/10
• Mixability – 7/10
• Digestion – 7/10
• Effectiveness – 8/10
• Economy/Price per serving – 9/10

serge souprayen
serge souprayen
Weightlifting is my passion, training 3 times a week and use supplements on a regular basis. Fawaks is my personal blog, writing about my passion and help you save on fitness and bodybuilding supplements by posting coupons and deals. Serge Souprayen

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  1. Robert says:

    ok look i’m 15 years old weigh in at 145 lbs and i’m 5’8, i’ve been workking out since i was 13 not too long. when i sraettd i was 95 lbs and in two and a half years i gained 50 lbs of takes commitment, you have to go the gym 5 days a week for at least 12 weeks to see a difference in muscle and weight. MEAT LIKE FISH CHICKEN AND STEAK HAVE PROTEIN AND WILL HELP YOUR MUSCLE GROWTH GREATLY. whey protein is very good for you as well. eat lots of food (not junk) and do cardio like is a good schedule:monday-workouttuesday-runwed-workoutthurs-runfriday-workoutHIT all your muslces different ones each day and dont be afraid to rest your body grows the most when your sleeping

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