Driven Sport Craze Review

Before I start reviewing craze, I would like to thank the guys from driven sport for sending me 2 samples of craze in the mail.
So I got to 2 samples of craze by driven sport in the mail and have to say that this pre workout is decent but noting compared to muscle marinade, but then again muscle marinade is stim heave and craze is not.

Taste/mix ability

Craze mixes very good, no residue in the bottom of my shaker bottle and no foamy stuff floating on the top of mixture like some pre workout supps.

The taste isn’t the best, has some weird chemical aftertaste and tasted a bit bitter at the bottom but it was drinkable ,as you read my other reviews you will see that I do not care about the taste in a preworkout but effectiveness. I have tried other pre workouts that tasted like candy but don’t do shit for you.
The more I use supplements the more I see that the supplements that don’t taste good are usually the ones that are effective, or they may taste good but the powder stinks but are effective.

Craze took a bit longer for me to kick in, most pwo that I used kicked in 20 minutes after drinking but felt this 45 minutes later and also did not feel the sudden rush of energy, was a little disappointed at first.
What I really liked about this product is that it had no beta alanine tingling feeling , really hate that shitty feeling like someone pinching needles all over your body. The best thing about this product is endurance/energy, I think this is where the product gets a 10 because I just didn’t get tired while working out, felt strong and motivated.
Downsides of this product for me was the dry mouth, licking my lip constantly like ll cool j, and makes me so dehydrated.
Focus was ok not that it gave me tunnel vision or anything.


The first 15-20 minutes you will disappointed as this kicks in after a while but other then that, the Taste is tolerable, and the energy is great. If you are looking for a pre workout that gives you energy and keeps you motivated during your workout then I would recommend you to buy craze as it does a great job at just doing that, but if you are looking for focus and pump then look elsewhere because that is what this product lacks. I don’t care about pump but most people want to get a pump from using a pre workout and this product does not give you that. If you would ask me where to put this in a top 10 pre workout list, where 1 is the highest then I would put this the number 6 or 7 spot in the list. Judging from all the pre workout I have used to date.

Awesome endurance

Keeps me motivated

Don’t feel tired during and after the workout

No Crash

No sleeping problems like other PWO.




Dry mouth

Weak Focus

serge souprayen
serge souprayen
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