CTFletcher Introducing The Master plan DVD – The Strongest Man

It’s still yo mutha fu$k!n set!

Is heard over the music and banging of 20kg plates down at Metro Flex gym in California. Loud, alive and real, the strongest man you’ve never heard of CT Fletcher is blowing up the body building world right now, and we want to tell you who this guy is.

Fletcher doesn’t go by the traditional book, his methods are unorthodox, and his methods are REAL. He calls it the Penitentiary Style. He doesn’t believe in over training, when he first started training he trained arms (and 22” arms they now are) EVERY DAY for a year and a half.

CTFletcher talking about how he got started using the penitentiary style system.

“Everybody wants the easy way, the 20 minute abs, the 10 minutes this, 10 minutes that”.

It just isn’t going to happen he says. You ask anyone with great abs, great quads, they got those because they worked HARD in the gym, not by just doing 20 minutes a day on the latest “Do it in bed” contraption.
He isn’t a man to mix his words, profanity is a part of his vocabulary, and if it offends you then turn back now, but to those of you who find it is refreshing, it’s nice to hear the voice of truth.

Let’s look at some stats of when CT was competitively power lifting:

Best bench press: 725lbs (in training). 650lbs in competition.

Squat: 725lbs

Diet: As much as possible, a large part of which was McDonalds.

World Bench Press Champion x 3

World Strict Curls Champion x 3


Then 2005 came a turning point in his life when he underwent open heart surgery, followed by a long and hard two year recovery. The cause? “It might have something to do with the 6 or 7 cheese burgers I ate every day for 20 years” he says.

2013 – Wanna see how this 6 time World Champion lives and trains?!

Now we’re talking… Your not here to just read a story are you? Your here to find some “Yes I can use this straight away” kind of information aren’t you, yes

Fletcher’s new DVD videos are going to be called The Master Plan.

Remember, Fletcher hits the heights in Powerlifing, then dropped to 190lbs following surgery and came back, and now in his 50’s is amongst the top of the world’s senior body building competitors. He isn’t a marketeer, nor a salesman, he grew up on the streets of Compton, but in his videos he does tell you what HE does know, and that is the gym and what what it takes to succeed.

His mindset of I WILL achieve my dreams, and Penitentiary Style training regime, you get the results you demand. The combination is critical, leave off one, and you might as well forget both.  You WILL grow biceps, I DEMAND that of you. I am the master here. You own them, you make them do what you want them to do. Are you getting the mindset here?

Each DVD is going to be available in a different format, each focuses on a particular goal, and can be bought on DVD, or downloaded straight from the internet.


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serge souprayen
serge souprayen
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    • Top says:

      What’s up Mr.Fletcher? Great what you’re doing, motivating folks in a positive way. I read about Monster Kody, then Tookie. I heard you speak of Craig Munson. There was Muson, then Tookie, you, then Monster? Tookie & Monster talked about being the biggest. Who was? Was Raymond Washington the actual fonder of the Crips? I know Tookie was older than you & Monstef younger. Were you all Crips in the same set? I’m from Louisiana, so this is interesting to me. When will you do an autobiography? It would be a best seller!!!

  2. Tim Evans says:

    sounds great. how do i order the DVD?

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    How do I order the dvd

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