Blendtec Total Blender Home Series Wildside – Can It Blend ?

The Blendtec Total Blender Home Series Wildside is an all in one blender that makes smoothies, dressings, dough and salsas. It makes soups and ice cream and cappuccinos and so much more. Up to nine other appliances are replaced with the Blendtec Total Blender . You don’t have to spend a fortune on nine separate appliances. Rather, if you are replacing appliances, don’t. Get the Blendtec  and have up to nine appliances in one fell swoop.

The Blendtec replaces 9 different appliances, so you can have a single go-to appliance for many kitchen actions that you need to do, like make cappuccinos and puree anything, like avocadoes for guacamole and soups. That is just a minuscule example of what you can begin to do with the blender.

saves you 9 appliances

More examples of blending things in the Wildside jar are that you can blend grains, rice, beans and popcorn into flours. You can make hot or cold soup and cold ice creams and I am sure that you can even make Italian Gelato if you would want to.

Additionally, you can make bread dough in it for making bread, too. Milk shakes and fresh juice can also be made too. This includes a precision tuned 4” blade with a BPA-free jar. The blade can even “tough” through larger tasks and larger recipes with ease.

This lends commercial quality of preparing food to your own kitchen. The Blendtec Total Blender  has been used for years in commercial locations such as coffee shops and restaurants for some time. Now you can have the same results at home.

The blending cycle is controlled so that when you choose a blending cycle, it blends the item and shuts off in time when the blending is done so that you have great results each time. There are blend cycles that you can choose for what is needed. It speeds up and slows down as needed so that you get a good result most every time.

Moreover, you don’t have to wash and put away 4-9 different appliances when you have a group of guests, kids, or a bunch of teenage sons or daughters and their sports teams coming over for game night, for example. These scenarios lend the most stress on having to keep track of several appliances and recipes and then to have to clean several appliances and put them all back away again.

You can save a ton of headache just having a single appliance to whip, dice and puree whatever is needed to make recipes for bigger groups as well as for you and possibly roommates or family, whichever the case may be.

The Blendtec  has so much power that it can even crush ice. No more worrying about breaking an appliance because the ice was too much for it. How do you know it will actually crush ice? Answer: This has 1560 watts of power. Plus, it also has an ice crushing guarantee, even! You can blend larger servings of whole foods with the precision 4” blade. Plus, there is a warranty for 7 years, provided that it is used at home and not commercially. For commercial use, you need to contact the manufacturer for a commercial version.

This has commercial quality 1560 watt power with 3 peak horsepower direct drive motor. You also have 25 pre-programmed blending cycles so that you can make a large variety of food preparations, such as soup, salsa and juice of many kinds and much more. A book comes along with your package with over 230 recipes included in the book.


There is a digital pane, rather than 25 or more separate buttons to choose from. The readout shows you different options when you go through a menu and from the menu, you will be able to choose the one right for what you are making.

blentect display

Have you wondered how gyms and restaurants seem to have such good results with blended foods and shakes and smoothies for so many years? A commercial version of the Blendtec was likely the “culprit”.

The Blendtec Total Blender Home Series Wildside is the home version of the commercial blender, but still has the commercial quality to it, so that it will last for years. The 7 year warranty for it means business as they want to put a many year warranty so that they are sure that you will be satisfied with it and know that it can be services for 7 years if anything should happen within the 7 year warranty period.

There are 2 jars that come with this; a Wildside jar with a 3” stainless steel blade and another jar with a 4” stainless steel blade. The jars are made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester, so they will last and won’t expose you to any BPA. The Blendtec Total Blender Home Series Wildside is made in the USA with a minimum of 75 percent US contents.

A review mentions that this is a great blender and the cost of it being representative of the quality for what you get. The price seems to actually be right on target for the quality for this AKA; the You Get What You Pay For deal.

Situations where you would get your investment back would be where you are a juice and/or smoothie fan or host parties where avocado or any of these sorts of foods would be blended and if you like to make your own salad dressings. Another possibility is that someone has a dental problem and can only drink their foods through a straw because of this for a time, and then this would be a secondary item to look into if one of these scenarios exists in your home. Any combinations or specific situation can exist that you would need or want to blend foods and smoothies and ice creams and gelatos would be good if you are blending many things during your everyday activities in the kitchen. The drawback is if you are not blending food in the kitchen; but occasionally, this may then be overkill.

Here below you can see a demonstration of making a smoothie using blendtec designer series wildside blender (youtube Video)

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